Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PEDIMEDICA in Honduras as part of a Humanitarian Medical Brigade.

During April, Members of Pedimedica once again travelled to Honduras as part of a humanitarian medical brigade. For Clare DeBlasio RN, it was her 9th trip, for Dr. Kolsky his 7th, and for medical assistant Carmen Mercado her 3rd.
Always a very rewarding trip, this particular brigade treated over 3000 patients, including more than 1600 pediatric patients.
The pediatric problems treated include a pot pourri of common and some complex medical issues, including, but not limited to, asthma, parasitic infections, skin infections, hepatitis, other respiratory ailments, etc.
On these brigades we are able to recognize previously undiagnosed medical conditions, and refer these patients for further treatment.
Treating these patients is always a pleasure, as they are in such need of medical care. They receive very little care, other than what is provided by the rare medical teams that visit these remote villages. Most of these people have never seen a physician, other than those we provide.
We look forward to our return next year.