Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On-Call with... Editor, Donna Thomas

Even though the flu season is coming to a close, your children will still have to be careful in preventing the spread of germs in the months to come. Adopting these simple guidelines from and oral health perspective can become a good habit to adopt for next flu season. Donna shares with Pedimedica important tips recommended by Dr. Joe Kavitz on why...

A Healthier mouth = A Healthier You!

1.Each member of your family should use their own tube of toothpaste. Sharing the same tube spreads the virus as it can reside on the outside edge of the tube. Germs can sit on the outside surface of the toothpaste container and thereby spread to your toothbrush as well. *Toothbrushes should be changed every 3 months!

2.Wash your hands before brushing your mouth. The hands can carry germs that infect your mouth and spread throughout your body. do get sick, replace your toothbrush immediately. It is likely to host the virus. We find it useful to keep spare toothbrushes to supply to you and your family as needed.

4.Do not keep family toothbrushes together in a cup. The colds and viruses can spread to the other toothbrushes transferring the infection from one person to another.

5.Rinse with a mouthwash after brushing. Brushing your mouth only removes some of the bad germs. Rinsing with mouthwash has been shown to reduce bacterial and virus counts on the oral cavity.

6.Refrain from kissing others. As soon as you, your family, spouse, or friend can detect the a cold, do not kiss them or allow them to kiss others. The flu virus in particular is very contagious and can easily spread through mouth to mouth contact.

7.Do not share food or drink. Just as kissing is contagious, so is sharing food and drink.

8.Eat foods from the garden. Fruits and vegetables can boost your immune system naturally. There are nutrients in garden foods that help in resisting viruses.

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Dr. Joe Kravits, DDS,  2013